300W Led Spot Profile Moving Head in World-Touring Opera The Underbubble World


Aolait & 230w beam moving head

Aolait stage light main product include:

1.Beam moving head light: 330w beam spot wash 3 in 1 moving head,200w beam moving head(5r),230w beam moving head(7r sahrpy),132w twins beam moving head.

2.Led moving head-led wash light:300w led spot with profile moving head,300w led spot moving head,150w led spot moving head,19*15w bee-eye moving head,7*15w Led Mini bee-eye moving head,19*15w led moving head zoom,36*12w led moving head zoom,7*40w led moving head zoom,7*25w quao led moving head,5*5 led martrix led moving head…

3.LED Follow spot:300w led follow spot moving head

4.Effect light:132w beam scanner and laser ligt

5.Led par light:19*15w led par with circle zoom,24*18w RGBW+UV+A 6 IN 1 led par with waterproof,54*3w led par with waterproof or non waterproof,18*15w RGBW 4 in 1 led par with waterproof or non waterproof…



Aolait strong powerful light & led par light

330W Beam spot wash 3 in 1 moving head which is aolait strong powerful light and hot sales item in recent,get high evaluation from our customer.


Aolait led par light:1:waterproof-19*15w RGBW 4 in 1 led par zoom circle(AL1019WZP),24*18W RGBW+UV+A 6 IN 1 Led par with waterproof(AL1024PW),18*15W RGBW 4 IN 1 LED PAR with waterproof(AL1018PW),54*3W LED PAR with waterproof.   2.led par with non waterproof:18*15w RGBW 4 IN 1 LED PAR with non waterproof,54*3w led par with non waterproof…




Successful GET Show in 2017 review

On Feb 27th to Mar 4th, Get show(Guangzhou Entertainment Show) was held on at Poly World Trade Center. Aolait Lighting was very honored to take part in this joyful event of light and sound and meet customers from domestic and abroad.

In this show, Aolait Lighting booth number is 5E-02B, in Hall 5 with a lot of big and reputed lighting companies such as Fine Art, Jolly. Even so,  Aolait brought a very wonderful light show and attracted lots of eyes of the professional visitors. Especially the new product show of 330W beam spot wash, which gave best illumination lumens of same power level from other competitor. 300W led spot moving head with profile, is a unique design with a patented framing moudule for shaping any square and rectangle.

Here shares with you some review of the show: